Day 14- A Weigh In confessional

In Day What?, wailing and moaning, WeightWatchers® Weigh-In on January 17, 2009 at 11:16 pm

disappointedI guess it just sucks to be me this weigh in. .4, people. All that hard work and a lousy .4. It just aggravates me to no end…I even had 8 points left from my points allowance!

All grousing aside, let’s do the math on this week and see where I slipped up.

1. Family was in town, so I cooked mostly for them.  That included a birthday dinner for the Husband and apple pie and key lime pie. I didn’t participate in the desserts, but I did have some dumplings.

2. I’ve had a severe case of bronchitis. In fact, the doc thinks I might have “seasonal asthma”. With the blast of cold we’ve had, there went walking. And with family here, walking to a cd in the living room wasn’t an option.

3.  Breyer’s Fat Free Ice cream.77567-26661_lg It’s so deceiving. With the term “fat-free”, you assume it’s not going to taste very good. But, you’d be incorrect. It ain’t Ben & Jerry’s, but it’s up there. Eating 1 cup a night probably wasn’t the best thing I could have done. Sometimes two cups a night. Stupid, right?

4. Then there’s this trouble-maker that is within walking distance of my house: Yeah, those non-fat, tall lattes do add up. I counted 4. starbucks124 is way too many. I need to make some limits. So, there you go…my confessional.


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