More Good News…

In Day What?, wailing and moaning, WeightWatchers® Weigh-In on January 27, 2009 at 2:35 pm

Well, weigh in this week reeked. I GAINED 2.2 LBS! So that puts my hard work of 3.4 lbs back to a piddly 1.2 lbs. Some of it was due to family being in town. Some was due to a crises that was going on in same said family. But ultimately, the fault is my own. goodgrief

Nobody told me to pick up that bag of M & M’s. Nor did anyone tell me not to argue with my honey as he wanted to go to Red Robin. As far as I know, there is nothing on the Red Robin menu that I would WANT to eat besides a burger.

I managed to get even more sick than the lung thing I had gone to the doctor for.  I spent the majority of the weekend in bed with a fever. I even called into work, which was a first for me. Wouldn’t you know it, the kids had a snow day, anyway.

During my stupid illness, my sweet husband endured my snappiness, and constant snoring. He kept coming at me with a shot of Dayquil and/or Nitequil.

So now that I’m close to being on the mend, it’s time to climb on the horse and count points again.


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