About me

and I hate it! Steadily my weight has gone up and up. I looked very good, (I mean, for 170, I was rockin’!) then a guy friend (who was married)made a pass at me. I didn’t want to be thin anymore. I felt betrayed by my own body. So, I started not worrying about it.

On the way, I got a new boyfriend. He believed in going out to eat, and I didn’t stop to think about what was going in my mouth. Within 2 years we BOTH gained 40 lbs! Well, I married him, and within the year I was preggers. 40 years old and pregnant, thus the stretch marks you can’t miss in the picture. We ended up moving to another state, no friends, no family, no job….what did I do? I ate! And now, I’m up to my pregnancy weight!

A few determining factors:

1. I have Hasimoto’s disease. For the rest of you, it means my body is killing my thyroid, thus making me hypothyroid.

2. I have been diagnoised with sleep apnea. Now there’s some good news….my fat just might smother me in my sleep!

3. And I’m about to start menapause. Nuff’ said there.

So, I decided to start this blog to make me accountible. Mainly to myself. If the rest of you read it, be my guest.


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